Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post #1

Ready and set.

Coffee sits on bedside table (undisturbed).  iPad at the ready.  Awaiting the first typed words for this blog.

Sometimes the magic doesn't happen.  It happened two nights ago when I dreamt a giraffe laid an egg in my bed, before the egg was sold to an art dealer with a receding hairline, who was dating a new age voodoo doctor.  Apparently the egg would pay the bills if sold in Africa. But really I ask, who has money in Africa?

Random thoughts on the following subjects (no particular order)
1. The government - apathetic
2. Racism - not racist apart from English sportsmen and hippies
3. Clothing - optional
4. People - overrated
5. Blogging - weird

Anyone else interested in numerical facts, obsessions, and themselves? If you scored 3/3 you may have Aspergers.  My son(6) and I (44, still thinking I pass for 28) both scored 3.  Apparently we aren't the same as others, our brains are wired a little different but being insular this doesn't worry me at all, I think life's like poker, you can win just by bluffing.

Finishing off here is some (very) light bedtime reading.
Bite sized stories written for the time poor. All 25 words or less.

James passionately kissed his wife Sara until his mouth went cold.  Then he closed the freezer door.

HONEYMooN part 2
Nothing annoyed James like uncooked thigh fillet. So he placed Sara's leg back in the oven.

This next one placed 3rd in over 8000 entries in an online site, personally I don't think it's anything special.

The Perfect Crime
The guilty man looked defiant as the judge set the term at 12 years non parole.
The innocent man was led away by police.

How Jim Was Eaten
He never saw it coming.  Daydreaming until it was too late.  It's a mistake he will never make again. Obviously.

Last one now.

A Better Time
If time stood still then Eric's life would remain exactly the same.  He wound his timepiece back and wondered if he would time travel.

Au Revoir

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