Saturday, November 5, 2011

#3 Jose Feliciano

Jose Feliciano was on the radio singing "Light My Fire" -  a melodic mesmerizing version of what would later be a hit for The Doors.  Jose only had one other hit single, the Christmas song, Felix Navidad.  He was one of those rare one hit wonders to have two hits. 

It was winter 1967, the Beatles were in their Yellow Submarine stage, Kennedy was President and young people everywhere were getting high on pot and free love.  Life was one big party in San Francisco, Paris, London and probably Amsterdam too.

I indicated left and slowly drove into Blackwood street , Mitchelton.  Unable to leave the thought of Jose behind;  did he have other hits that I was unaware of?  What year were his hit singles released? Is he dead?  I needed to know, I would have to google them later.   Information like this was important.  It is always the way my mind worked, unable to leave mild distractions alone, instead, focusing on them and searching for answers.

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