Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Footy Tips

A few years ago I was in a footy tipping competition where for half the year, religiously every week, I would go online and enter my tips.  I wasn't just in one competition, I was in many.  A good deal of my free thinking time was spent thinking about each week's games, looking up information, and looking at the leaderboard each week. 

I did pretty well.  I won one competition a few years ago, and won $1300, and just missed out in a big national competition where I almost won a new car but faded to finish third.

I gave all the competitions up a couple of years ago. I realised as much as I enjoyed them, it was stressing me as well. I realised it was consuming my mind so I had to let it go.

Facebook for me is similar. I joined up, found lots of ex-workmates and people I had not seen in years, added them, added all my interest groups, followed tons of pages, anything I was interested in remotely I followed.

Then it became too stressful. 

Maybe others can read posts they like and pass on others. In the rules in my head, I had to read every single post, so I would spend time looking at every single thing on my page and I became stressed that I may have missed something.  Then facebook made changes, and all the pages and posts didnt make sense or weren't in the right order anymore, that was hard to deal with.  Really, I just decided to shut off from it and these days I look at recent  posts in Asperger groups but that is about it.

It annoys me somewhat, that I can't just be like everyone else and enjoy the simplicity of small things in life without making it a big deal.  It is like unless I can be fully devoted to these small tasks then I must shut them off altogether.  Sometimes though, leaving out all the small chaos, can let me reflect better on other more valued things. 

I feel deflated.  I just got my results from my recent essay for my teaching studies and received 20/40 which although a pass, was not the mark I thought I would get.  I understood the essay well, I presented my arguements and my tutor said " it was hard to tell if you understood this or not, as some parts did not show understanding and in other parts  you showed excellent understanding".

This was possibly my easiest assignment and I find my bare minimum pass not satisfactory at all.  It seems lately I pass with minimum marks or fail by one or two.  I hate being a borderline student!

Take Care everyone.

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