Friday, May 10, 2013

New Zealand Here We Come

We made a decision a few days ago to move to New Zealand for six months. 

It truly was an instant, on the spot decision. Many on the spectrum have trouble with change. I am not exempt.  When my daily routine changes it can throw out my "rhythm" causing anxiety, but I can adapt too.  I find the big changes easy, and its the small ones that disturb my mojo.

The hardest thing so far has been that we will be selling many things we no longer use.  I made a bold decision and found three used novels on my shelf to put towards the garage sale we are having. 

Simply because I have Aspergers does not mean I, nor my son cannot handle change.  We both can and do.  My son finds a change in furniture in our home very stressful and can be upset for days if my wife moves the couch, but on the other hand he happily moves from different hotel, to different country, to different foods in foreign lands and these do not upset him at all.  Perhaps travel is not change for him, it has become routine. 

I don't think Aspies need to be wary or scared of traits that are common to us.  All of us are individual and we all have our own quirks.  Sometimes it feels good just to break free once in awhile and walk with no fear. 

Bring on the big change! 

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