Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Schooling - Learning by Trial & Error!

After much deliberation and disgust with the current schooling system, we have decided to home school our son Hadley aged 7, for at least half year starting today (while we sit on a waiting list for a Steiner School). 

As I write this my wife is probably earnestly looking on, as my son studiously writes assignments and learns in a quiet peaceful atmosphere.   Or more worringly for me, they have stopped for lunch and that's it for the day. 

Apparently there's no right or wrong with home schooling, you simply teach as best you can, some may toil for hours whilst for others it's a mere couple of hours a day.  

We have actively been searching for "after school " activities to help him learn and to encourage socialisation. There are Spanish lessons, Karate, Swimming, Sports and group meetings with other home school parents.

One of the obvious discussions, when discussing home schooling is, which parent will do the parenting? My wife won the coveted position after a (very)small discussion and I will assist when required.  

My worry is that my wife is unrestricted by rules that govern society, she simply does as she pleases, so this may mean some days Hadley may only do a small amount of work, other days a lot more. Whereas, if I was the teacher, we would be governed by the clock.  Although I suspect we may end up studying the world map and geography and maths to the detriment of every other subject.  Science!  Who uttered that dirty word!   There will be none of that on my watch.

This will probably be more error than trial, but it will be an experience and one which I'm sure all 3 of us will learn a lot from.  I'm hoping Hadley gains life experiences, ones which he may not have learnt at a regular school.  

Come join us on this ride and I will be sure to tell you of how we get along. 

Class dismissed.

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  1. I'll help her with the science lessons...I'm looking forward to them :-)As we both begin, I'm sure that we will both have amazing experiences in this new exciting world....I've already lost the stress from my shoulders -goodbye unhelpful school system!!